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Applications Blog

Tech Tip: Understanding Negative Absorbance

Tags: Technical Tips

Jun 12, 2019

How to Improve Experiment Parameters

by Derek Guenther, Senior Application Scientist  

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Tech Tips: Helpful Hints from Ocean Lab Services

Tags: Technical Tips Lab services

May 15, 2019

Insights from the Applications Lab

In these tech tips, members of our Ocean Lab Services team share some simple yet important insights gleaned from their..

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Why Choose Mid-IR Spectroscopy?

Tags: News Applications Blog Home News Newsletter IR Mid-IR MIR Ocean MZ5 Technical Tips Absorbance

Jun 20, 2018


The power of spectroscopy stems from its ability to provide detailed information by measuring the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with a..

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Using Optical Probes in Air and Water

Tags: News Applications Blog Newsletter probes reflection light Snell's Law Technical Tips transmission transmissive dip probes fibers Fresnel refractive index

Apr 18, 2018

Accounting for Differences in Sample Media and Index of Refraction

Ocean Optics fiber optic transmission and reflection probes are optical sampling..

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Triggering Options for Ocean FX Spectrometers

Tags: News Applications Blog Newsletter External Triggering Options Technical Tips Trigger Mode

Sep 27, 2017

Use Enhanced Trigger Modes for Onboard Buffering and More


Ocean FX is a powerful spectrometer with features and functionality that make it our fastest..

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A Simple Experiment to Analyze Light Sources

Tags: News Applications Blog Newsletter Curricula light Technical Tips experiment

Aug 23, 2017

The irradiance experiment that follows features an Ocean Optics Flame-S spectrometer and was designed and written by Professor Kamran Golestaneh of the..

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Monitoring Lighting and its Effects on Health

Tags: News Applications Blog Newsletter health led blue light Technical Tips

May 24, 2017

Use Spectroscopy to Detect Even Slight Changes in Light Wavelengths

As LEDs become a more popular and energy-efficient alternative to traditional..

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How to Make a Good Reflected Color Measurement

Tags: News Applications Blog Newsletter Color Measurement Color Technical Tips

May 24, 2017

The Parameters Affecting Accuracy of Reflected Color Measurements 

Color is the sensation produced when light at visible wavelengths from 380-780 nm..

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Consistent Spectral Irradiance Measurements with Optical Fibers

Tags: News Applications Blog Newsletter bare fiber calibration Radiance Technical Tips

Jan 18, 2017

Technical Tip from our Radiometric Calibration Lab 

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Light Source Characterization in Life Sciences

Tags: News Applications Blog Newsletter led Technical Tips irradiance nir biomedical instrumentation laser Life Sciences

Nov 18, 2015

Photonics plays a crucial role in the life sciences, from biological research to biomedical instrumentation and agriculture. Effective UV disinfection,..

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