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Applications Blog

Exploring Bioluminescent Proteins in Arctic Waters

Tags: News Applications Blog Newsletter proteins fluorescence QE Pro spectrometer bioluminescence light environmental monitoring

Apr 12, 2018

Under The Pole Expedition Dives Deep

Marcel Koken ( is a Ph.D.-level research scientist and molecular biologist from CNRS-LABOCEA..

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Modular Spectroscopy Tools for Measuring Intrinsic Protein Fluorescence

Tags: News Applications Blog Newsletter fluorescence led qe pro LLS

Nov 18, 2015

Measuring Changes in Protein Fluorescence to Monitor Protein Unfolding

Intrinsic fluorescence is a powerful indicator of protein structure and..

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Laser Fluorescence Detects Adulterated Honey

Tags: News Applications Blog Newsletter fluorescence food adulteration Authentication LIF food analysis honey

Oct 21, 2015

Spectral Detection of Honey Adulteration Hits the Sweet Spot


With its natural sweetness, long history and growing popularity as an..

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Spectroscopy - Ensuring Document Security

Tags: News Applications Blog Newsletter fluorescence modular Reflectance counterfeit detection Counterfeiting Document authentication Flame Fraudulent checks Optically variable devices

Jul 22, 2015

Spectroscopy’s New Role in Document Security


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Fluorescence of Edible Oils

Tags: News Applications Blog Newsletter fluorescence oceanview OceanView Project Olive oil schematic Food and Beverage

Jul 22, 2015

OceanView Spectroscopy Software and Analysis of Edible Oils


Olive oil is the world's top target of food fraud.
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VIDEO - Basic Fluorescence Spectroscopy Setup and Measurement

Tags: spectroscopy fluorescence video Video Blog software spectrometer accessories Flame

May 31, 2015

Like what you see? The equipment used in these videos are available in an application-ready bundle. Click here to get yours.

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VIDEO - Product Spotlight - Linear Variable Filters (LVF)

Tags: spectroscopy fluorescence Video Blog spectrometer filter linear variable filter lvf

Oct 24, 2014
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