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Applications Blog

Non-contact, Inline Color Measurements

Tags: Color Measurement Color process process monitoring inline optical sensing

Nov 15, 2018

Optical Sensing Techniques for Color Analysis in Industrial Settings

Color matching and color consistency are important quality control parameters for.. [ Read More ]

Observing Color Changes in LEDs in Liquid Nitrogen

Tags: Color Measurement led Color Interview Spectroscopy Star

Oct 17, 2018

A Few Good Words with Science Educator and LED Experimenter Dan Burns


Dan Burns is a physics teacher at Los Gatos High School in the San Francisco..

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How to Make a Good Reflected Color Measurement

Tags: News Applications Blog Newsletter Color Measurement Color Technical Tips

May 24, 2017

The Parameters Affecting Accuracy of Reflected Color Measurements 

Color is the sensation produced when light at visible wavelengths from 380-780 nm..

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VIDEO - Ocean Optics Meets Le Maitre Pyrotechnics and Effects

Tags: News Color video Video Blog Pyrotechnics reflective color measurement Le Maitre Pyrotechnics

Jul 30, 2015

 To ensure the quality of its products, Le Maitre Ltd. Pyrotechnics and Special Effects has incorporated a spectroscopic system from Ocean Optics. In..

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Measuring Beer Color with OceanView

Tags: News Applications Blog Newsletter oceanview Color Beer OceanView Project schematic Food and Beverage

Jul 23, 2015

OceanView Spectroscopy Software and Beer Analysis

OceanView is the flagship software program for use with Ocean Optics spectrometers. Beyond simple..

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Operation Gumball: The Sweet Science of Spectroscopy

Tags: Applications Blog Color Light Measurement Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Chemistry Food and Beverage Industrial Near Infrared

Mar 08, 2013

In-line gumball sorter demonstrates range of spectroscopy techniques

Consider the simple pleasures of the humble gumball: all the satisfying chewiness..

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