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Applications Blog

Why Choose Mid-IR Spectroscopy?

Tags: News Applications Blog Home News Newsletter IR Mid-IR MIR Ocean MZ5 Technical Tips Absorbance

Jun 20, 2018


The power of spectroscopy stems from its ability to provide detailed information by measuring the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with a..

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Emissions Monitoring of Seagoing Commercial Vessels

Tags: News Applications Blog UV absorbance Newsletter emissions Absorbance custom solutions

Apr 18, 2018

How Danfoss Helps Ship Operators Measure Exhaust Emissions

Based in DenmarkDanfoss IXA develops emission sensors for the maritime industry. At the..

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Small-footprint Absorbance System for Characterizing Heme Proteins

Tags: News Applications Blog Newsletter Absorbance Spark Spark accessories VIS NIR hemoglobin

Nov 18, 2015

Compact Spark Spectral Sensor Measures Vis-NIR Absorbance of Hemoglobin and More

Heme proteins play many vital roles in mammal physiology, including..

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Determining the Concentration of DNA

Tags: News Applications Blog Newsletter oceanview Absorbance OceanView Project schematic UV DNA

Nov 18, 2015

OceanView Software and Absorbance of Double-stranded DNA

OceanView is the flagship software program for Ocean Optics spectrometers. Beyond simple data..

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Chemometric Analysis of Food Quality

Tags: News Applications Blog Newsletter chemometrics Absorbance Quality control NIR food analysis

Oct 21, 2015

Reflectance Spectroscopy Reveals the Variety and Sweetness of Apples

Chemometrics is a powerful tool for the analysis of optical spectroscopy of..

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Optical pH Measurement of Contact Lens Solutions

Tags: News Applications Blog Newsletter Absorbance Smart pH Cuvettes Spark Spectral Sensor contact lens solution ph measurement

Sep 23, 2015

Affirming Why Product Expiration Dates Matter

By various estimates, more than 125 million people worldwide are contact lens wearers, with about..

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VIDEO - Basic Absorbance Spectroscopy Setup and Measurement

Tags: spectroscopy video Video Blog Absorbance absorption setup spectrometer Flame

May 31, 2015

Like what you see? The equipment used in these videos are available in an application-ready bundle. Click here to get yours.

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VIDEO - Absorbance Spectroscopy Using the Flame and OceanView Software

Tags: spectroscopy oceanview Video Blog Absorbance absorption basic setup software spectrometer Flame

Apr 16, 2015
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UV Measurement of Sunglasses using a Back-thinned CCD Spectrometer

Tags: Applications Blog Absorbance Glass UV Consumer Products

Jan 02, 2013


In assisting thousands of customers over the years, we’ve discovered that everyone has a slightly different idea of what constitutes..

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VIDEO - Product Spotlight - HR Spectrometers

Tags: spectroscopy Video Blog Absorbance high resolution HR laser characterization

Nov 14, 2012
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