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Applications Blog

VIDEO - Ocean Optics Meets Le Maitre Pyrotechnics and Effects

Tags: Color Le Maitre Pyrotechnics News Pyrotechnics reflective color measurement video Video Blog

Jul 30, 2015

 To ensure the quality of its products, Le Maitre Ltd. Pyrotechnics and Special Effects has incorporated a spectroscopic system from Ocean Optics. In..

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Measuring Beer Color with OceanView

Tags: Applications Blog Beer Color Food and Beverage News Newsletter oceanview OceanView Project schematic

Jul 23, 2015

OceanView Spectroscopy Software and Beer Analysis

OceanView is the flagship software program for use with Ocean Optics spectrometers. Beyond simple..

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Spectroscopy - Ensuring Document Security

Tags: Applications Blog counterfeit detection Counterfeiting Document authentication Flame fluorescence Fraudulent checks modular News Newsletter Optically variable devices Reflectance

Jul 22, 2015

Spectroscopy’s New Role in Document Security


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Spotting Art Forgeries

Tags: Applications Blog Art History Authentication counterfeit detection Diffuse reflection News Newsletter Raman Reflectance UV-Vis spectroscopy

Jul 22, 2015
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Fluorescence of Edible Oils

Tags: Applications Blog fluorescence Food and Beverage News Newsletter oceanview OceanView Project Olive oil schematic

Jul 22, 2015

OceanView Spectroscopy Software and Analysis of Edible Oils


Olive oil is the world's top target of food fraud.
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Authenticating Fuel From Plant to Pump

Tags: Applications Blog Authentication News Newsletter Raman SERS

Jul 22, 2015

The Larger Costs of Fuel Fraud

Despite advancements in renewable energy production technology like solar and biomass, fossil fuels are likely to be our..

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Identifying Natural and Synthetic Gems

Tags: amber Applications Blog gem authentication News Newsletter Raman

Jul 22, 2015

The Subtle Glow of Gems

by Cicely A. Rathmell, MSc.

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