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Applications Blog

VIDEO - Spectral Sensing for Your Application with STS Developers Kit

Tags: Video Blog kit microspectrometer spectrometer STS uav developer integration miniature

Aug 27, 2014
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Make the Most of Measurement Techniques

Tags: News spectroscopy measurement spectrometer technique

Aug 25, 2014

Which light source is best for UV absorbance? What's the difference between relative and absolute irradiance? The answers to those questions - and many..

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Updates and Improvements to OceanView Software

Tags: News spectroscopy oceanview software update new

Aug 25, 2014

Improved file-saving features, functions for taking measurements from multiple spectrometers synchronously, and support for our IDRaman family of Raman..

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Spectroscopy Applications, Tips and More

Tags: News Applications spectroscopy spectrometer tips

Aug 25, 2014

Ocean Optics spectrometers are used for applications ranging from blood and protein analysis to semiconductor processing and solar energy research. These..

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