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Applications Blog

Cleaning Up IPA Production with Stage-by-Stage MIR Analysis

Tags: MIR Ocean MZ5 MZ5

Nov 15, 2018


 2-Propanol (also known as isopropyl alcohol or IPA) is one of the most common solvents in the world, with over 2 million tons produced in 2003..

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Volume Fraction Determination of Ethanol in Fuel

Tags: Ethanol MIR MZ5 Octane Fuel

Aug 20, 2018

Using the MZ5 MIR Spectrometer for Ethanol Analysis

While electric vehicles are becoming more mainstream and are on the roadmap (if not production..

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Detecting Food Adulterants using MIR Spectroscopy

Tags: MIR food adulteration liquid samples milk

Jul 24, 2018

Fast, Accurate Analysis of Liquid Samples

With the counterfeiting of goods from foods to fuels now a global problem, the task of authenticating..

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Why Choose Mid-IR Spectroscopy?

Tags: Absorbance Applications Blog Home News IR Mid-IR MIR News Newsletter Ocean MZ5 Technical Tips

Jun 20, 2018


The power of spectroscopy stems from its ability to provide detailed information by measuring the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with a..

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Lavender Oil Adulteration

Tags: adulteration Applications Blog ATR chemometrics essential oil Home News lavender oil MIR MWIR MZ5 News Newsletter

Jun 19, 2018

Analyzing Lavender Oil from Flower to Fluid

by Carly Burleson, Applications Engineer, and Joseph Bonvallet, Applications Engineer, Ocean Optics
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